The Digital Value Chain Dating App

A flockcode.com “Business” can be everything people can work together on: a website, a book, software or art projects.

Supported flockcode.com fully customizable business model templates include for-profit or not-for-profit organizations and groups. Groups can be static or dynamic. Projects can charge member fees, require contribution commitment or can leave this to the user base.

Every (tiny) contribution counts and will be accounted. So, as the project finally creates profit, all contributors are compensated in a definable, fair and/or transparent manner.

Based on modern Container Architecture and Agile principles creating secure collaborative workspaces and projects is as easy as a mouse click.

Flockcode’s hosting service will be payable in revenue shares or in a monthly fee (user choice). A free plan (NFP) is available.

flockcode is our Initial Implementation of CoEcOS and both projects fuel each other.

Carsten Aevermann