flockcode.com and coecos.net - what is this ?


flockcode.com enables people to transform any idea into reality. flockcode offers tools to manage idea participation and collaboration. Its business model aims to be an alternative to the "growth only" approach, which is currently the defacto standard of economic "thinking"
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CoEcOS is the abstract and generalized backbone of flockcode but not limited to its implementation. CoEcOS will give you clear and easy understandable guidelines on how to set up a sustainable business model. CoEcOS goal is to create a framework for the next generation of businesses around all sort of content and assets.

infrastructure docs

To become part of the project please register with lab.flockcode.com, you need to obtain a @flockcode email address or an

As URLs IPs and other underlying stuff is subject to massive changes. So it is a good idea to utilize my personal page
https://aevermann.com as a hub if you end up in a dead end.